Our home service Corned Beef Hash offers you the chance to recreate our iconic dish at home after our chefs put in the 10 day preparation process to perfect the meat and combine the flavours.


With Corned Beef Hash, our Master Sommelier George recommends...


Trimbach Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France 2015 - "Runny egg yolks coat the palate which means many wines become dulled, or unpalatable, as we call it. But this off-dry Gewurztraminer counters this with well balanced acidity which also counterbalances the saltiness of the corned beef. A match made in heaven."


Andreas Shiraz 2017, Bovlei Valley, Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa - "An estate with a personal Chop House connection. We know the owners of the winery very well, one of whom personally delivers wine to Sam's Chop House as and when required. This is a magnificent Shiraz. Bold and brilliant."


Sam's Famous Corned Beef Hash


Our flagship dish, since Sam's re-opened in 2000, we have served over 500,000 portions. The secret is in our 10 day preparation.


We take a beautiful piece of beef brisket from Frosts Butchers and brine it for 9 days in a homemade brine prepared with salt, water, sugar and other herbs and spices.


We then cook the brisket low and slow for 12 hours until the fat is rendered and the meat is tender and succulent. The meat is pulled to create our signature flaky texture.


The hash is brought together in the pan with finely diced onions, fresh herbs, diced new potatoes, double cream and our home-made beef gravy.


The hash is served with crispy bacon, a runny poached egg on top and a side of pickled red cabbage.


We recommend Corned Beef Hash with brown sauce or our homemade horseradish cream.


Sticky Toffee Pudding


Sam’s home-made sticky toffee pudding with sticky toffee sauce

Sam's Famous Corned Beef Hash for 2

  • Celery, milk, mustard, sulphites, gluten

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