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The welfare of our staff and customers is our top priority right now. We have not spent months in lockdown and isolation to ruin it all by lack of care and attention.

Which means we are committed to the government guidelines and to following the scientific advice on controlling the spread of the virus. Much of this is common sense and stuff we are all accustomed to now. But you can be confident that we have done the risk assessments, the staff training and the investment in PPE and hygiene equipment to do our job properly.

We have also put into practice a new set of house rules designed to make sure everyone works together to keep us all as safe as possible and to prevent further pressure on the NHS. Guests will play their part too.

View our Welfare Guidelines poster

All we ask is that guests reserve their places in advance, take a thermometer test, register on arrival (so you can be tracked and traced in case of any outbreak) and that you follow fundamental best practice in hygiene and social distancing.

We have systems to cope with Tom’s toilets, contactless ordering and payment and additional PPE if you’re looking for extra reassurance.

If you have any concerns, please get in touch.

Emily Brooks, general manager

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